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Born in the United States, Sr. Carmona began his studies in San Francisco, California. He soon moved to southern Spain, where he and his wife, Rubina Carmona, immersed themselves into the flamenco life of several small towns in the province of Sevilla. Moron de la Frontera, Alcala, Lebrija and Utrera all have strong flamenco traditions and afforded a living classroom in which to learn and perform.

After returning to the United States, Sr. Carmona began his professional career in the San Francisco Bay Area at the historic Old Spaghetti Factory and the Casa Madrid.

A year later, he returned to Spain and lived and worked in Sevilla. He became studio guitarist for Matilde Coral where he had the opportunity to rehearse with many of the notable dancers, singers and guitarists (Rafael Negro, Chano Lobato, El Rubio, Manuela Carrasco, Pepa Coral) working in Sevilla. He studied with Rafael Mendiola and Diego Amador (may he rest in peace), both being hot Cuadro guitarists.

He played in the Feria de Sevilla, Feria de Huelva, Sevilla's La Venta de Antequera, as well as in Tablaos (flamenco night clubs) in Valencia and Benidorm.

He and his wife returned to the United States and moved to Los Angeles, California where they immediately began working and teaching. They appeared at the two flamenco clubs, El Cid and El Matador, numerous concerts and lecture demos. Highlights include six years as house guitarist for El Cid, appearing with Paco de Lucia at the Los Angeles Music Center and a concert at the Los Angeles Olympics.

Back to Madrid and working; studio work (Ciro's and La Tati's studio guitarist), galas, La Venta de Antequera and Alicante's La Zambra for an extended stay.

Returned again to Los Angeles to work the clubs and appear with the Ballet Espaņol de Los Angeles for many seasons.

For the past fifteen years, Sr. Carmona has been performing and teaching in Seattle, Washington, where he is artistic director of Carmona Flamenco and Executive Director of Flamenco Arts Northwest. He and his group have performed throughout the state in numerous workshop, club and concert venues.

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