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Throughout their careers, Marcos & Rubina Carmona, in collaboration with numerous flamenco artists, have maintained their art at the forefront of flamenco's explosive and ever-changing development, while never losing sight of the inherent dignity and elegance so typical of tradtional flamenco. As the title "Reflejos" suggests, this CD is a reflection of the Carmonas' respect for and commitment to this unique art form.

Reflejos Playlist & Audio Files

Title  Time mp3 RealAudio

Canastero (Rumba por Tangos)   4:52 Listen (924 KB) Listen (232 KB)
Delanate de la Muralla (Alegrias)   4:57    
El Querer y el Olvido (Sevillanas)   3:41 Listen (892 KB) Listen (224 KB)
Esta Noche Mando Yo (Bulerias)   5:45 Listen (748 KB) Listen (188 KB)
Los Ojitos de mi Cara (Soleares)   7:16    
Pasa el Cantaor la Vida (Guajiras)   6:28 Listen (1.1 MB) Listen (300 KB)
Que Paso Guadalquivir (Cantiñas)   5:12    
En la Penumbra (Vals Cancion)   5:04    
Tengo un Molino que Muele (Tientos
     por Tangos)

Total Time: 53:06      

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To order Reflejos, please send a check for $ 17.00 payable to "Carmona Flamenco" to:

Carmona Flamenco
3634 48th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116

For more information contact Marcos Carmona
(206) 932-4067 or marcosandrubina@gmail.com

Video Clips

Carmona Flamenco por Alegrías with guest artist Ana Montes

The following clip shows Carmona Flamenco at a Whidbey Island performance with guest artist Ana Montes.


The next two clips are from a concert at the Kirkland Performing Arts Center: Carmona Flamenco (Marcos, Rubina and David Carmona) with guest artists Ana Montes and Oscar Nieto.

Clip 1: Oscar Nieto - Alegrias

Clip 2: Bulerias

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